28 December 2019

As 5pm hit on Friday 20th December 2019, I put my out of office on, left work (with a mass of gifts!), hopped straight in the car and travelled over 5 hours back to my hometown.

I’m so lucky to get to escape my daily life over Christmas. I don’t just get a break, I get a very exciting holiday that includes countryside, fresh air and most importantly friends and family. Even though I adore living in Uxbridge, it’s great to be able to escape from the pavement, fumes and the mass of rushing people.

Over the past week I have had time to chill out and think about everything, and it’s got me really inspired for 2020. I’ve been drinking caffiene at any time of day, sleeping in, taking long showers, reading and consuming copious amounts of food and alcohol.

Phil bought me the most beautiful ring from F.Hinds for Christmas. It’s 9ct gold with sapphire and diamonds. I’m going to cherish it forever. Thank you <3

After all this indulging, I am totally ready for 2020.

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