As you probably guessed by the flood of social media posts you’ve seen from me recently, I was having a spell of anxiety and depression again. With my inner strength and the support from my friends and colleagues I am now feeling so much better. So thank you if you’ve supported me or even just sent me a good vibe! Although we’re getting hit by storm Ciara, it feels like the clouds have gone and I am getting back to my usual self again.


I’m glad the worst is over, but now I have to face the big task of picking up the pieces. When I feel low I get super lethargic and demotivated, which makes me procrastinate with everything and put off important tasks. Because of this, my mental to do list has built up and my life is in need of some serious admin.


Here are the things I am doing to get myself back on track:


I’ve been out of my routine and I’ve been doing the bare minimum, so naturally I stopped writing in my daily planner. Looking back this probably didn’t help at all because I wasn’t keeping track of things at work or at home.


I love a good to do list and my Scribble Brush No.1 planner from Papersmiths helps me to combine to do lists with time blocking, ideas and priorities. When the day is over I love ticking everything off. That’s the best thing about a to do list!


Engaging with my hobbies and interests makes me feel fulfilled. And even though it can be scary at times, I set myself time each day to do something for me. If I’m not doing something I love then I start to feel low and demotivated. So writing, reading and photography are things I try to do every day.


I always find it hard to start, but once I’m done I feel so thankful and grateful. Plus, it’s another thing ticked off the to do list!


Last month I decided to buy myself a pretty notebook and start journaling. I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t end up writing in it so I paid a bit more and got one printed with my name on. It’s so cute, and I’ve used it almost every day since it arrived. When I feel negative I always express this with others and it helps, but there’s something about journaling that makes me feel relieved. I think it’s because I can see my thoughts written down so it’s like they’re physically removed from my mind.


I write down happy moments too so that I can look back when I feel sad. I’ve glued pictures of people I love in the front to make me feel happy whenever I open it.


I really recommend you try it, even just for a week to see if it helps you. 



The chores are the hardest things to do. The washing has been piling up, I really need to clean my kitchen cupboards and dust and polish everywhere. I could do with going shopping for house things like cleaning products too. Time to write a list! 



We all work better when we’re in a routine, and I was 100% out of mine. Napping during the day, going to bed late and snacking late at night are not good for me!


My plan is to eliminate all naps during the week and aim to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day (except weekends of course!)

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