Hello friends! I am feeling kind of rambly today as I have a few different thoughts floating around in my head, so I thought I would share them with you. I have paired this post with some pictures we took whilst strolling around the National Gallery a couple of weeks ago in one of my fave outfits: shoes: Dr Martens (these aren’t vegan ones) | bag: Topshop | jeans: Topshop Orson Jeans | coat: Topshop | shirt: Urban Outfitters (vintage) | t-shirt: ASOS


Over the past two weeks I have been quite distracted, hence the low number of posts and content and I’m sort of annoyed at myself for letting myself fall off track. One big thing that I learned in therapy is to ‘go with the plan, not the mood,’ meaning that even when you don’t feel like doing something you still should. If you don’t try then you don’t feel accomplished, which leads to you feeling demotivated. This is how the depression cycle starts and I want to combat this right now in this post.

The hard thing about blogging is that inspiration doesn’t magically arrive. You have to work for it. There are very few times in life where you just come up with a fabulous idea and it doesn’t need changing. Even the good ideas need crafting, even they need work and care put into them and that’s hard! When I feel low or uninspired that’s when blogging is the hardest, it’s scary going into something with absolutely nothing, but I have never ever regretted it.


Creativity can be difficult too. Because I work full-time in a creative role and then I come home and want to be creative as well I can get easily burned out. Constantly working and crossing tasks off my to-do list is good, it’s productive, but for creativity you need time and space to be free. That’s how you come up with ideas. Like today, I was laid in bed chilling with Romi and I had the idea to write this post. Now I’m here and I’m feeling inspired.

I got into gardening last year when my mental health was bad and it definitely helped me to be more creative. I like growing things anyway but I find gardening so rewarding because you can see your progress easily. The best thing though is that I’m outside getting fresh air (or fresh-ish London air) and I’m not using technology at all. I’m not looking at my phone, I’m not around the TV, I’m not even listening to music. It’s just me and my thoughts. That’s when I feel inspired. 


What makes you inspired?

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