NEWNESS | 02.01.2020

Hello friends and a great big warm welcome to my new blog. I’m still going to use the word ‘blog’ but if you want to say it the posh way it would be my ‘online journal.’ You may remember a post a couple of weeks ago (on my old blog) where I talked about wanting a new place to express myself - well this is it!

Ok so it probably looks a lot like my last blog, but what I can do here is wayyyy more flexible than my old design. I can write, play music, add video and create unique layouts for each post which allows me to be myself without the constraints of a linear design.


So, please get yourselves comfortable because you’re about to see a lot more candid, different, and probably weird posts from me this year! I plan to post randomly about the little things that inspire me. I want to post more pictures. I want to write more about books. And most importantly, I want to express all of the strange and questionable thoughts that I have so I can look back on them in later life.

These videos and photos were taken on a little walk around the canal near to where I live.

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