January 19 2020

I have wanted to make a few changes around here for a while. With my love of photography and making little videos only growing, I want to be able to display them in some sort of blog diary or journal entry online. But my current blog won’t allow me to do this the way I want to and I feel like it’s holding me back. I’ve sort of outgrown it. Although I’m still in love with the traditional blog structure, there are some constraints that I can’t seem to compromise with. I want my blog posts to be uniquely laid out and include video and random text here and there. WordPress won’t let me do that. I want to have the freedom to drag, drop and design each page depending on its content. I want my blog to reflect me more. I want it to be arty and creative, with words and beautiful imagery.

The mundane actions of everyday life inspire me. Even the simple things that we wouldn’t have a second thought about like writing notes, typing on a keyboard or hanging up clothes show so much about life. I think that’s why I love reading and writing so much. Characters have to go through the motions sometimes. And when an author can describe these little tasks it captivates me. The details of each movement are so delicate. I have taken so many photos of the things that inspire me and I don’t have a way of showing these off.


So my plan is to experiment with a new website. I have already figured out what I want, I just need to find out if there’s a platform that does this for me. I’d like my new website to be more like a photo diary or a collection of things that inspire me in everyday life. I still want to write my usual content too, I love doing this still! I just want another way of expressing myself.

As I’ve grown I have become more sure of myself when it comes to creativity. And I’m not ashamed of the things I find inspiring anymore like I used to be! I want to live my life though a creative lens. I don’t feel myself if I’m not pointing out and photographing my inspirations throughout my life, so it only makes sense that my website/blog resembles that!

Sorry if this post was sort of erratic, I guess that reflects how I’m feeling right now. But I’m also excited for what’s to come.

I haven’t gotten far with my new website yet so things won’t change for a while, but I’ll let you know as soon as it does x

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